Deb’s Under the Influence of Lilacs

lilacs_coverDeborah Gordon Cooper’s upcoming book will be published by Clover Valley Press, and will be released in May 2010 – $14.95

 These are poems that make a person remember, remember things they have never even experienced. Cooper is a master of the small and perfect detail, of the nuance that puts the reader right into a felt experience, the detail that tells the whole story and brings it to life—to our life. She takes us through a full spectrum of living, from a love letter made of flower petals through the times when “…there is so little left blooming…” “Through the darkest season/dreams of the river carry us.” In this collection we are carried skillfully through suffering and grace and redemption and humor. Cooper says we are just passing through these bones and I, for one, am grateful to pass through with this collection of poems in hand, with Cooper helping me remember what it is to be human in this world.  

—Ellie Schoenfeld  

Poet, The Dark Honey: New & Used Poems 

I have always been under the influence of Deborah Cooper’s amazing lyric poetry. Nature frames, sustains, and weaves together her poems—nature as both life giver and healer. She writes in “Instructions,” “Cast out your gaze like a net/and take everything in/every intricate detail/each small astonishment.” Deborah also celebrates the human family as we travel through love and loss, sorrow and joy. Her elegant writing, wisdom, and grace help us step across the boundaries between these states—and between each other—into the light.  

—Jill Breckenridge  

Poet, The Gravity of Flesh  

To read Deborah Gordon Cooper’s Under the Influence of Lilacs is to realize that a poet really can revisit such old topics as nature and family and such old themes as love and loss—and make them new. “Because there is so little/left blooming,/ each delinquent petal/seems to shine,” she writes. With a generous vision and gentle spirit combined with clear and penetrating language, she has given us many shining petals.

—Jim Heynen author of The Boys House: New and Selected Stories 

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