#47 Leaving My Life


#47 Leaving My Life
1998 – 13 x 17 edition of 37 – $300

Leaving My Life
to come across the sea
was like taking off my skin.
It was that difficult.
In places, all their needs
pulled tight at me,
a binding twine.
And once, in the spot
the youngest child keeps hold,
I started to rip
but didn’t let it stop me.

Now, having lived in this
green, sea-spun land awhile,
I fear I have expanded
with the vastness of this sky,
full of my own wide thoughts.
Here, nothing presses in
and beauty spreads itself
around us, draws us too.
I am afraid I’ve grown too large
to fit again into the contours
of my life, the grasp and tug of it.

I imagine picking it up
from the bedroom floor
where I kicked it
into a corner on my way out,
cutting the fabric
to some new design,
adding strips of sky
and bits of cloud
and squares of every
shade of green,
remaking my life
into something loose
and billowy…
something I can run in
and toss off
without a single clasp.