#76 Tintinnabulum


tintinnabulum 76
#76 Tintinnabulum
2002 – 12 x 17 – edition of 28 -$300

She is grateful for the bells
calling her back.
She can never pay attention
the whole time.
Sometimes she tries,
running her finger
down the lines.
Red words for the priest.
Black for the pew-sitters.
But her eyes are always tugged up
to the colored windows,
the candles dancing in their jars,
souls of the dead,
the sad, chipped face of Mary.
She is grateful for the bells.
One     Two     Three
Because that means this is
the holy time,
the God-coming time,
the time not to be daydreaming.
The whole crowd
falling to its knees,
like a tipped ship.
Sometimes she shuts her eyes
the way her father does,
hopes God might notice her.
Maybe God will whisper in her ear.
One word, unlocking everything.
later she begins to hear the bells
in the wrong places.
In the woods
or lying in the grass
when she is cloud-watching.