#63 Beside the Lake


#63 Beside the Lake
2000 – 10 x 14 edition of 31 – $300

Beside the Lake
In the other world
where people go to work,
make lists,
drive through the bank,
I am always ahead of myself,
casting my thoughts out into
what needs to be done next,
and then, and after that.
Here alone it seems
I am contained within
the borders of my body,
within the whole note
of this moment,
full and round.
Here, where the water licks
the stones smooth
and redesigns the contours
of these cliffs,
the trees are dancing
on their pedestals.
The days are vast and open
as this wide, uncluttered sky.
Here, beside the lake
that swallows up the sun
each night
and consecrates the moon,
the calls
that I forgot to make,
the argument,
the bills I ought to pay
are blown off by this breeze,
playing the trees
like instruments
above the drumbeat
of the waves.
The birds pick up
their perfect violins
and there is nothing
I would alter.