#65 Feeding the Fire


#65 Feeding the Fire
2000 – 10 x 14 edition of 15 – $250

Feeding the Fire
Here you will find
everything you need.
There is no e-mail
and no telephone.

There are the waves
playing leap-frog
for the shore;
the wind’s long fingers
combing thru the trees.

Here you only need
to feed the fire
in the hearth
and in your own soul.

All afternoon
you watch the gliding gulls,
until you know the way
to send your messages
as easily.

Aim one toward Canada,
then Cleveland,
then the Isle of Skye.

Imagine them arriving
at their destinations,
coming to rest
upon a shoulder
far away.

Across the world
a pair of eyes
lifts from the page.
The snow begins to fall
outside the window.